Summer is approaching quickly here on the central Oregon coast. That means it is time to get out there and see just what the winter weather has done to your property. I’m going to share a quick list of tasks that need to be taken care of as a homeowner, especially on the coast, people don’t realize the havoc the winter weather wreaks on your home and property. Some of these things if left unchecked can lead to costly repairs that you may not be ready to take on.

The first thing to do is walk the entire property and get an assessment of the overall condition of the property. Things such as sidewalks, planters, fences, garden plots, overall condition of the outside of your home, paint, roof, gutters, vents in foundation, maybe trees that are in the yard, all these pieces of your property have been out in the weather exposed to the corrosive wind and rain, and believe me when I say wind and rain. The average rainfall on the Oregon coast runs roughly 100+ inches a year and of course we have those occasional windstorms that come in off the ocean bringing in the salt and depositing it on everything!

Once you have your assessment of the overall condition you can begin to put together a plan of action. My personal thing is to space out the heavy work so as not to put too much of a load on my back. Many years of logging and construction work has taken a toll with five back surgeries so I have to plan carefully how I will accomplish most of this work. The climbing and real heavy stuff I call in backup and have my boys come over and either pay them something or feed them, in most cases either of those things work.

So when the rain finally stops here on the coast, usually around mid May we start seeing consecutive days of dry weather get out there and put together a plan and follow the plan to get the place spruced usually give yourself 30 days to complete the main work. That will allow you to spend more quality time in the summer months with family and friends instead of having to spend it constantly working in the yard and on the house. I hope this is helpful for those homeowners that are gearing up for some summer fun!